What I Think About Counseling?

Well let me start this article with this, I have very little knowledge about counseling. I only know is that if you need help mentally you need counseling. Do not bash me or anything, that is all I really know about counseling.

Everything Changed

Till one day everything changed. I was not aware that my mom and dad were fighting, and they have issues with their marriage. It hit me hard because it was not known to me that my parents will undergo with that kind of situation.

So, as time passed the rift between my parents grew. It was to the point that my father would not come home for days. I was really scared for myself and my younger sister. Everything changed in my family. My mother is always in her room, probably crying, but I never saw her do that. The usual happy things that we do together as a family were not there anymore. We used to go to parks or watch a movie together as a family it has been long gone.

It is very sad! I remember my sister told me that she wished that we return to the things they were used to be. As the older brother I really want to turn this situation around, but what can I do? I am just a teenager. I read articles in the internet about family counseling and I was surprise how it has helped so many families.

I opened what I have read to my mother and she gladly obliged. We immediately search online for family counseling services near our place and we found one. We found Meister Counseling and immediately set up an appointment.

We were received well by Mike Meister and we started the therapy right away. We are doing the session one a week which is great because we are doing something as a family again.

He also added if we are in need of marriage counseling, we can go to counselor for marriages in San Diego. The have a branch there.

I am really hoping that we can surpass this trial in our life, and everything will be alright in the end.